Tuesday, April 26, 2011

and then she just turned mean ...

mean ... i hate it.  i hate meanness and ugliness.  and then it happened to me.

my sister in law made me.  she and her spouse and kids moved from Georgia (Warner robins AFB) to the Dayton Ohio area (Wright Patterson AFB) to be closer to family.  we are the only family here.  so when i found out they were going to a neighbors house for Easter dinner (lil 69 year old widow), i tried to understand.

logically i did understand.  we have tons of days left to celebrate life.  right?

but remember i am in the handicapped recovery mode.  

and under a doctors care.

and terribly lonely A LOT.

so at 11:30 pm last night, while my wonderful, loving, understanding husband slept on the other couch, i sent her a text saying 'you hurt my heart'.  and some blah  blah blah

you know, you cant get those things back after you send.  regret hit at 3:30am.  ughhhh!!!!!!!!!!

it was selfish and just a pity party.  i admitted this evening it was just mean.

unknowingly to me, they had already planned a surprise dinner for us this evening ... salad, shrimp scampi, fresh bread and brownies.

we had such a lovely evening. 

and they still love me, even after the text.

the moral of this, family is great at forgiveness


think before you hit send!!!!!!!  OR

you may do something mean you can't take back!


  1. Good message, Allie. please disregard my late night text from last night.


  2. It's true. It's always better to sleep on it!


    PS. Glad they understood!!