Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring is on the ground

on our last trip to the cabin the week after my surgery, nuts, believe me i know!  anyway, my cousin pointed this out to and i was in awe ..... it reminds me of the searches in the highlight magazines we got as kids.  we were living high on the hog when we got a years subscription!!!! 

anyway, do you see what i see?  it is for sure spring on the ground!!!  now, if someone was awake, or it wasn't terribly rude to call someone before 8am or later, i could give you name of this egg ground laying bird ....

but it is and i can't!

oh well ... that's all i got today

have a great friday!!!


  1. How cool is that? I had to click on the photo to see those tiny and very well-camouflaged eggs.

    Pretty neat!!