Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What a week

I won't booooooooorrrrrrreeee you with the details of last week's physical therapy and surgeon's visit where they removed the pillow and then exercised me shoulder, putting me (yes, me shoulder, not my) shoulder in positions I had never done before surgery!!!  Let's just say PAINFUL couple days. 

However, my sister in law and I went to Illinois to watch some amazing junior college softball ....
my cousin plays for LSU-E and they won the

National Championship Division II  !!! 

We had a blast ... corndogs, sunflower seeds, sunshine and some of my Louisiana family!!!  It was amazing, but alas, the drive home and the excitement has faded, which leads me to today.

So, now I am left to start gradually working on projects since I am sling free for a number of hours during the day.  

Where to start ... sewing?  painting?  cooking?

Decisions, decisions!!  

I'll show you were I started tomorrow!!!!  

Wonderful day to you all!!!   

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