Thursday, June 23, 2011

where does the time go ...

I have decided that there is a "time thief" on the loose in my neighborhood.  He is stealing my time, all sorts of time.  The time I use to blog, the time I use to sleep, the time I use to craft, all sorts of time.  I am not sure what to do about him.  Set a trap perhaps?  I may have to ponder this a bit longer.

We are heading to Michigan for some couple therapy tonight.  Oh, no doctors or therapist, just me and Vandy time.  It was suppose to be our 1st golf outing in Michigan, but I can't golf yet.  I am trying to encourage Vandy to go ahead and golf a few rounds, I can read, drive the cart or even nap.  Ahhh I love naps!

I am going to take my camera.  The weather is suppose to be wonderful.  And it's just me and Vandy, the love of my life ....

So, keep your eyes out for the time thief, I am hoping he stays in Ohio while I am away.  And I will return Monday with some cool things and thoughts.  Deal? 

1 comment:

  1. That thief is running rampant around here, too! GRRRRR!!!

    I hope you got my birthday message! I sent you a little, tiny, non-space invading gift, too!