Friday, June 10, 2011

Oh the things I have seen

We have been crazy busy.

Okay, I have been crazy busy.  You all know it started with our visit to Maryland to see the newest member of our family Kaia.  She is just amazing.  Perfectly amazing in every way.  And I am now a Nana and Vandy is umm, he isn't sure, we are working on him.  A Poppy perhaps?
Shhh, I was not suppose to hold my grandchild per doctors orders; he obviously isn't a grandparent! 
Oh please, I will! 

I am giving gardening orders.  I want to garden and get MY hands in the dirt.  I guess my camera will be my shovel!  So, I took a picture of some "pretty" flowers. 

Just petals.

And then my kids returned this week.  It is going to be a wild and busy summer.  With my arm/shoulder still wickered, still in PT and summer fun starting .... can you say ...........................

B U S Y!!!

Today, it was just me and the boys.  Thunderstorms, power outages, the Wii, unloading craiglist finds into a garage and finally a break in the weather!!  My boys head outside at the first sign of shine!!  Look out, armed and dangerous!  Aren't they the cutest?  The war paint, zinka ... sunblock!!!

M boys, Cason and Cole.
I have a lot more planned to blog about, but I am catching my second wind this week, sooo I'll see you guys tomorrow with some crafts and ideas.  I have missed you all.  Have a fabulous weekend!!!

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  1. Happy Congratulations to you. Oh, I see the pain on your face still. I'm so sorry this is hanging on for so long, sweet Cuz.

    Sending a prayer and a gentle hug your way.