Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Busy as a bee

I know.  I have done it again. 

Vanished, just like that. 


I didn't know one week after school began that I would fall off the face of the internet world. 

Recovering perhaps from the summer of babysitting some fantastic kids day in and day out? 

Recovering from weekend entertaining, every weekend we were home this summer?

Recovering from a couple weekend trips to explore and see friends?

And then I went into a crafting craze.  Craze I tell you.  CRAZE!  CRAZE!! 

Then, it hit me.  Slow down.  Take a break. 

So, this week I have been in remote heaven.  And allergy hell.  Second year of RaGWeED. 

Vandy is traveling this weekend to Mackinaw to walk the Mackinac Bridge and do some camping, and is perfectly fine that I am going to pull down the shades in the house and find my mojo.  I said to him though, "Vandy, I do not want to be in counseling 20 years from now and you bring up this Labor Day weekend and say I didn't want to go with you and how hurt you were from it."  He grinned at me.  And promised me then and there he wouldn't bring it up in counseling 20 years from now.  Isn't he the best?

So ladies, I am an allergy suffering crafter with a stiff shoulder and a remote control. 

Stay tuned though, because I have sooo many things coming out.

Not quite ragweed,
but when I started cutting back, dead heading my garden, well you guessed it ...
sniff, sniff, blow, blow.


  1. Have fun on your one-woman staycation this weekend!


  2. Gosh. I envy you a house to yourself for a few days! Take care of yourself girl!