Monday, August 22, 2011

Sometimes you just have to spoil your love!

One more day of babysitting ... a couple parents need me to babysit tomorrow, so I once again helped them out of a jam!  And I am okay with it, it is only ONE MORE DAY.  AND, I kinda balanced the universe today with our summer blow out party. 

The kids were great.  We had a silly string fight and blew up a slide and put it next to the pool with dish soap!  lol  It eventually found it's way in the pool.  Oh, the balancing the universe?  Well, the blowout was officially over at 5 pm.  At 4:35 pm, 5 kids polished off THREE boxes of Slush Puppy ice pops.  And then at 4:50 pm they got Moose Tracks ice cream or Strawberry ice cream.    

My kids LOVE me!

And then there is this amazing dinner for my love ....

Clams, Mussels and Crab legs ... sweet corn and new potatoes .. really good olive oil, white wine
and fresh herbs, that is how you spoil my husband!


  1. Oh, wow. Your hubby is a lucky guy!


  2. You are just the funnest person I know!