Thursday, August 11, 2011

To take a booth or not?

Every year my little town hosts the Apple Butter Festival the first full weekend of October.  It's so quaint.  The Enon Historical Society sponsors this event.  They paint apples on the roads coming into Enon.  Big giant red apples.  They work all night setting up the wood and huge copper pots and stirring the apple butter before the festival opens it's doors on Saturday morning.  They actually make apple butter in the front yard of the elementary school.  People stand in loooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnng lines and wait a looooooooonnnnnggg time to get their limit of 2 jars of Enon apple butter.  And the jars are piping HOT! 

There is the aisle of food.  The boy scouts walking tacos, the Greenon High School Boosters pork chops, the VFW, the Enon Lioness, Knob Prairie Church bean soup and cornbread, the Cooties fresh corn on the grill, apple fritters, kettle corn, the list goes on and on.

And then their are the homemade crafts.  The main street is filled with vendors selling their wares.  Ohio State things, artists, painted saws, the chainsaw wood carver, face painting, fairy crowns, and this year Me.  It's my FIRST festival.  Yup, 48 and I am jumping in with both feet.  Can you believe it?  I know, me either.  Shocked.  Frankly, it's this or Vandy is going to make me get a "real" job.  I can still craft of course, but on "after work" time and weekends. 
I know.  I KNOW!  I KNOW!!!


Heavy sigh.  I am okay with his reasoning.  I need adult stimulation.  I need to spend less alone time in my mind.  I need not to drag him from room to room to show him what I have accomplished today as soon as he walks in the door.  I NEED for this festival to work and my Etsy shop to take off like wildfire, that is what I need. 
(shhhhhhh Etsy Shop will be at the end of the month, summer kids remember?)

So, I am sure I have spiked your interest for the Apple Butter Festival, right?  I have five things I am going to do ......

Pennants/Banners ... chalkboard or cloth, school colors too!

Repurposed ties into headbands.

My snakes, door draftstoppers!

Personalized windows, of course vintage wood sashes.

And these are my new military gun boxes I am going to repurpose into coffee tables.
(wishing for a windfall of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)
Just wait until you see them finished at the end of the month!!!!
I would love to hear your comments and encouragement.  I think I may even have to do a giveaway once I get everything up and running, don't you think?  Okay, well off I am to do a bit of painting and magic this morning.  It's me and my boy Cason!!!

Deer caught in the headlights eh? 


  1. I would buy one of those repurposed gun boxes as a coffee table in a second. And I like your other stuff, too!

    Good luck!!


  2. Military gun boxes. Hand 'em over girl.

    I, too, and going back on the show circuit. I used to be heavy into the wholesale gift circuit as well as two retail shows a year

    I'm gonna give it a go again.

    And, where the heck did you find those boxes?

    I'm off to Craigs list to see if I, too, can score!