Thursday, December 15, 2011

Charleston and a rush to get home

Good evening my girls.  I hope these past few weeks have been wonderful for you all and you haven't missed me too much.

Vandy and I took a much needed trip after the wedding I shot, but came rushing home on Friday.  Jack, the 13 year old boy that I watch every other week for my friend Linda, has a knot.  A large knot.  He will be going into surgery on Tuesday so they can remove as much as they can.  Praying hard for him.  So, until then, I have managed to stay busy instead of being a worried freak.  Okay, I am still a worried freak, but faith is keeping me reeled in. 

So back to the trip .... it was lovely.  Charleston is lovely.  And we ate enough oysters for an army!!!  Here is just a taste of our trip ....

Pawley Island

On our boat ride

Vandy looking into the sun!


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  1. What a beautiful trip. I'm really glad you had this time together.