Monday, January 26, 2009

Raining Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down

Well, it is Monday, it's not raining, and I am not down. I just love that Carpenter's Song! So today is the start of the big basement makeover. One of my best friends, Katie, is coming over to give her input and help me before she heads over to Tonya's to have a little makeover herself. I am so excited about this basement project! Vandy is going to be soooo stoked! Actually, it's Katie's fault that I am addicted to room makeovers. Last year we made over Addie's bedroom and it was sooooo awesome! It was her sweet sixteen birthday surprise! Oh wait, egads, she is seventeen now!

So here are some of my cards! They are so cute!! I am going to have to start using my "big" camera again, they just do such a better job taking pictures of "stuff". LOL They are still cute though! I hope to have that mini book done later today and if I do, I'll get it posted as well. I might even try a slideshow. wooohoooooo It's got to be easier than braving the thirteen degrees outside this morning! So, I haven't heard what ya'll have been up to, drop me a line, details gals, details!

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