Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday thaw?

Good morning ladies, no thaw in sight today, but lots of progress on the basement project. Have you ever done Venetian plaster on block basement walls? I have to tell you, it has been a lot of fun, but typing right now .. each little finger hitting each key is KILLING me!! Ouchie, ouchie ouchie ... don't ask me why ... lol .... but if you want to do it, it's a blast and I will post the pictures in a couple house of the finished wall.

So this is bittersweet I didn't get around to trimming back and it looks so cool with the twigs and berries covered in the snow. Bittersweet is such a fantastic vine to make autumn wreaths with or just a vase of twigs. If you would like to rob from this arbor, please feel free.

Wright Patterson was closed yesterday, so you know the roads were bad!!!!!! Vandy shoveled and shoveled, went to work for a few hours (yep, to WPAFB) and then went and checked on my girlfriend Debi to make sure her and the girls were shoveled out. He is SUCH a nice guy!! Debi must have been working those girls, the driveway was clean and Vandy reported "she got out". lol So if they don't have school today, she's ALL mine to help me with the "project".

So this is the final snow picture today. That is our swimming pool, uncovered. Vandy is making us a skating rink!!! Isn't that exciting? We can hardly wait. Oh okay, I am kidding. We had a
leak somewhere and our pool guy couldn't find it before the weather turned cold. We have this high end cover, but the weight of the snow would make it worthless, so be careful if you come over and decide to go into the backyard in the dark and forget we have a giant whole back there! lol

There sure is a lot of snow out there. I love it. I am not ready for winter to be over yet. I think we have eight more weeks of winter. WOOOHOOOO and you know what snow means ...... great slopes! So Addie will be chomping at the bit to go snowboarding today. School cancelled again!! Oh well, perhaps her Daddy will take her so I don't have to worry about her driving up there.

Alright, time for me to head the dungeon! Have a great day!!!!!!!! Look for me later, I should be able to crawl up out of there and post a couple pictures!

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