Monday, March 30, 2009

Manic Monday

My list is long and my days are short -- we leave for Florida Thursday evening, by way of Georgia. We are going to stop and visit with my sister in law and her family! We'll get the the resort on Saturday afternoon and I can hardly wait. I know Florida is in a drought, so it is wrong of me to wish for no rain for a week while we are there? I am wishing, not praying; I think there is a difference! tee hee
Remember me mentioning my sister is coming to care for my dad for the week? The problem is, she is a NEAT freak, a lot OCD, which means I have to make my house spotless. Not an easy task for me to do .. I love a super clean house, but I hate cleaning. I HATE cleaning. Give me any other chore and I'll do it. This year for my birthday I want someone to "spring" clean my house. Nothing else, that's all I want. Unless I could sponge some of my sisters OCD cleaning skills. So, getting back to the cleaning, I better get off of here and start my list, I work way better from lists.

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  1. What the heck are you thinkin' girl. Your sister will rejoice in having a messy place to clean up! Don't do a thing. In fact, just let everything pile up to make her extra happy - hee hee! BTW, when is your birthday and how the heck old are you anyway? (you can e-mail me this answer if you don't want everyone to know you aren't 37 anymore)