Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday, Manic Thursday

Good morning, good morning!! We are to Tennessee tonight, on our way to Florida! I am so very excited. I haven't packed, but I did got some serious chores done. (Remember my OCD cleaning sister is coming?) I hinted I wanted my house cleaned, she didn't bite, hence serious chores done. I remember when I was working full time, I had the luxury of a domestic goddess coming into my house every other week to clean and I would clean before she got here. What kind of oxymoron does that? I didn't clean the big stuff, what would be the point in paying her then? Anyway, some days, like yesterday, I miss that.
So, have a great week while I am gone, I am not sure if I will be able to report in! I'll miss you all and remember I have "mad" love for you all. Until then ....

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  1. Travel safe! Have fun! Bon Voyage! And all those other cliches. But for real. You'll be missed!