Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday and still no rain

I thought it was suppose to rain .. not a drop yet ... perhaps after church ... I am excited about my family going to church today. I honestly don't like going without them. I need them beside me, no matter what the message of the week is, it just doesn't resonate unless both Addie and Vandy are with me. Silly, huh? So I am excited today. And the music just fills my soul and my week is just great when I attend and blah when I don't. I suppose there is a message in that as well.

Vandy started the "grilling" deck yesterday. I want a stone floor, he wants wood. This might be a battle I can't win, he has MY father on HIS side. I'll start posting pictures of the progress and perhaps scan in the sketch, my stone floor that I filled on his wood deck sketch. It's mine too! lol

Have a great day dear friends ... and this bed of lilies is from me to you -- from my lily garden!

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  1. Beautiful lilies. Beautiful good morning! Hey, just get some stone and start laying it as a "surprise" and then what can he do?!? ha!