Monday, March 21, 2011

Bar the door Katie ...

We used to call my Mom "Kate".  I'd like to talk to Kate today.  I'd like to have her cheer up speech and her you can do this speech.  The you need to do this and you can do this speech. 




MRI results.  "Complete full thickness tear."  What that means?  Orthopedic surgeon.  So the constant pain in my arm and shoulder are not my imagination?  It's not phantom pain.  It's real.  It's not going to get better by resting it?  I KNEW IT!  I just knew it!!! 

 HA!  HA HA!!  HA HA HA!!! 


So, I can take the pain medication without guilt and as directed, as needed.  I have been trying to go without it.  And believe me when I say it HURTS!  It has been KILLING me!  So today, after finally getting the results call and trying to decide if I should call my massage therapist to get the kinks out of neck from over compensating for my "SHOT" rotator cuff, I took my medication.  You can call me Loopy Louie.  I vegged with Martha. 

I PROMISE I will make the Easter bucket tomorrow, before the Loopy Louie comes to visit me. 

And since I have a coupon from Christmas for a massage, I am going to call her tomorrow as well. 

And I'll have that conversation with Kate (aka Mom) and be okay with it all, because I can do it!  She has always been my best cheerleader.

P.S.  Also, I had my day made when I got a message from
saying I won a contest for 

Everyone should check both these sites out!!!!  They are totally cool! 

Bar the door Katie!!!  We have a winner and it's ME!!!

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  1. OK. First of all, girl, quit touging it out on the pain. Just take the meds and stay ahead of it. It's easier on your body and let's you heal quicker.

    Second of all, I need you to e-mail me your phone numbers again. I dropped my cell into a cup of coffee and the numbers weren't retrievable. (Wow, retrievable is a hard word to spell)

    Third of all. Seriously, Allie. Take the meds - at least half the dose as directed. The less stress you put on your body is the right thing to do. We have this image that we're not 'tough' if we take something for pain. You'll heal quicker sweetie if you just take them.

    Congratulations on the win.

    Oh, and my weird e-mail yesterday re: lake. It was a strange dream I had and then I asked my Mom so hopefully I didn't start a little firestorm with that.


    Listen to your older, wiser cousin on this.

    Love you!