Sunday, March 20, 2011

Copy cat, copy cat!

Last night my girlfriend Ginter called me.  She started the conversation with "Hi!  How is your shoulder Allison?"  We talked a little bit about it and then the question that started today's events.

Ginter - "Allison, I know you use your Cricut.  If I pick up some vinyl, can we decorate some Easter buckets?  My niece saw some on site called E t s y (Ginter knew what the site was, her niece did not lol)  and wants me to make some for the kids.  I am the painter in the family, but I looked them up and it says vinyl.  I think they used the Cricut, what do you think?"
Me - "Probably the Cricut.  Sure, no problem, we can try."
Ginter - "Can you show me how?" 
Me - "Yes Ginter."
Ginter - "I have my own Cricut, what do I need?"
Me - "Nothing, I have everything."
Ginter - "Where do I get my vinyl, do I need to buy some vinyl?"
Me - "No Ginter, just bring your bucket." 
Ginter - "Are you sure you have enough vinyl?"
Me - "Yes Ginter."
Ginter - "What time tomorrow, are you sure you don't mind?"
Me - "Ginter, this will be so much fun, no I don't mind.  What time is good for you?"
Ginter - "Whatever time is good for you."
Me - "11:30 tomorrow morning."
Ginter - "Great!!"
Me - "Great, see you then, bye!"
Ginter - "Bye."

After this conversation we texted about 10 times, where to get buckets, the site to order vinyl instead of the 10 buck vinyl from Hobby Lobby, Joanns or Michaels. 

So today, Ginter and I worked on buckets for Emma, Ciara, Bella, Aubrey and Tay.  Ginter brought her 3 font cartridges (which I had, plus 9 more) and her buckets.  She also brought a picture of the Easter buckets from that site,  hence the title "copycat".  I have to say, ours are sooooo stinking cute!  lol

But, if someone gives you an idea, shares an idea with you or whatever and you think up a design in your head, is it still considered copycatting?  Hmmm, not sure.  Probably. 

So anyway, we did buckets.  My other gf Debi called and wanted me to go to Crafts 2000 for another craft project that she wants to do to help subsidize her oldest child's trip to DC, 8th grade trip!  SO, she came in and saw the buckets and now we have added 3 more buckets for the "Hicks Chicks".  However, instead of candy, the baskets are being filled with flip flops, hair products, Bath and Body products!!!!!!  Ginter stocked up some supplies and had to get home to the family waiting to learn how to do the buckets (teehee) and we went flying out the door.

And guess what???  I am going to share photos with you tomorrow ..... copycatted or not!

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  1. Seriously, Allie, I think the only original craft ideas were the people that invented sticks and yarn and paper and glue. It's all just interpretations in one form or another. Can't wait to see the pics when you are up to it.