Saturday, March 19, 2011

Product Placement

I admit it. 

I am a product junkie and a M.S. addict.  I can't help it. 

I see something super cool and I buy it.  At least it looks super cool.  Oh, you would like an example?  Okay, 20 years ago we bought a "real" wok from a TV ad.  It was so cool and we used it until it died about 3 years ago.  And any diet ad video, I have tried.  Seriously, Stop the Insanity?  Tony Little?  Billy Blanks?  Slim in 6?  Then there were the Turbie Twist towels, oh yes, we have about 6 of those and I got them for friends one year for Christmas.  And don't even get me started on Pampered Chef!  Or the bra hiding strappy thingies.  Then there was the Bare Essentials phase and the Wen hair products. 

Don't get me wrong,  not all my buys were poor purchases.  I love my Pampered Chef stuff!  And my turbie twist towels are fantastic for the hot tub or make up masks.  I am truly happy with a couple of my purchases.  I even like my Bare Essential make up, but it's pricey.  So back to the title of this post, product placement and my obsession with Martha. 

Last week, the product was Govino, go anywhere wine glasses, which Martha was promoting rather well I must say.  They were making these really neat cocktails and I thought, WOW, Vandy's birthday is coming up, we have a pool and hot tub and have broken enough glass along the way, this sounds like the perfect birthday gift to go along with his Crystal Bowersox tickets and the trip to the movies to see "Paul".  Okay, okay, none of it really mixes well, but it all fits Vandy.  Martha had me totally sold because she wanted some at her house too!!  Order them I did!  Just like that!!!!

This morning, Vandy opened his birthday card with the tickets and was pleasantly surprised.  We met at the movie theater were we ate corn dogs, milk dudes and watched his silly movie, Paul, the Alien.  Then, he had to make stop on the way home and I rushed to get his glasses wrapped before he got home because I had been tracking them online and KNEW they would be waiting for me after the movie.  And tada, they were waiting for me on the front porch!!

I thought I would get Vandy a couple boxes and then have two extra boxes
for gifts down the road.  $12.95 for a box of four with a bottle of wine
would be a perfect house warming or birthday gift!

Recycle them should have been the first warning.

Eventually recycle?  And not really dishwasher safe?  hmmm

The thumb dent is really cool and the "glasses" are very shiny. 
From a distance, they look just like real crystal wine glasses.

I WAS so excited about this awesome Martha purchase.  Three dollar a piece plastic wine glasses with a dent for your thumb.  Okay, perhaps I am overreacting.  The word "cheap" does come to mind.  My plastic milk carton is sturdier than these "glasses".  I could send them back I suppose.  Vandy used one tonight for a glass of birthday wine. 

I even saw on their site today that they came out with flute "glasses" this week.  I WAS a bit sad that I had already ordered the four boxes of just plain wine glasses.  However, I am okay with it this evening, truly I am.   Flimsy, plastic, recyclable wine glasses.  I hope they make it through one summer season AND I hope no one thinks they are "just" cool plastic wine cups and pitches them into the trash when they are finished "wining" it for the day or evening.

So, my personal opinion on the Govino glasses, we could all stand to be a bit more careful with our real crystal wine glasses and enjoy the clink!

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