Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craigslist is the bomb!!!

Good day!  I just love craigslist.  I have had nothing but GREAT experiences.  Let me count the ways!
1.  I sold a few pieces of furniture.
2.  I bought Pete.
3.  I helped livelovescrap sell the remaining "things" from the store.
4.  I bought my newest project .... my new dining room chairs!!!

They are STINKING wonderful chairs.  And I don't use the word stinking lightly. 
"Smoker" chairs left in the rain over night, can you just imagine the smell? 
(gagging a bit)

Spray paint and sanding blocks!

Spray painting is so much easier than a brush!

I am so excited about the chairs!  Vandy set them up on this table so that the remnants of the black spray paint would cover the chipping black, as the green underlay started showing up.  He truly must think I am a terrible spray painter, however, now I have another spring project!  Yes, yes, I have been known to miss my target, but I will show you my "oops" another time! 

I got both these chairs for TEN dollars total!  Yep, TEN buckaroos!! 
$10 bucks!!! 
So as I said, Craigslist is the bomb!!!  Stay tuned for the big reveal after the new upholstering is done.  Ah, no, I am not keeping the stinking fabric.  lol


  1. I'd say you are extremely excited about those cute chairs!! I'd be excited too buying 2 chairs for only $10!! woot, woot! Mel's Cabin following you.

  2. Hey cuz....they're looking good.