Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Easter Bucket!!!

I am so super duper excited!  I need young kids, LOTS of them.  Just so I can make each of them an Easter Bucket!!  My mind is just going in hyper space speed right now.  I LOVE these buckets!  AND the possibilities are endless! Okay, I am going to ramble my ideas ... on your mark, get set, GOOOOooooooo, oh, Oh wait, it's me, okay okay I am going!!!

1. You could make these for graduation presents for the college student going off to school. You could fill it with bath supplies, like I did with Bath and Body Works stuff! And then they could tote their stuff to the shower!   You could also make it themed school colors too!!!

2. You could do one for a birthday present.

3. You could make a beach bucket, filled with flip flops, sunscreen, new towel, tank tops, tanning lotion, lip balm!! Or for a little ones, with sandcastle tools!

4. A housewarming gift would be totally cool and fill it up with bathroom cleaning supplies or for the young adult that is FINALLY getting their own place!

5.  And what about a baby gift?  Onsies??  Lotions, diapers, wipes, baby wash, rash stuff, sippy cups .. the possibilities are endless!  Of course, you NEED to have the babies name ... I have a daughter that is due in April, no name and a girlfriend due in September and she knows the name and WON'T share it with me!!!!

(They are meanies!)

6. Of course, there is the standard bucket of Easter goodies. Jelly beans, Peeps, Chocolate bunny .. you know the stuff!! And they can use the bucket for the Easter Egg hunt!

Are you as excited as I am???!!!! So, enough jibber jabber!!!!   Enjoy the pictures!!!!!!! 

The only child left at home!  Lucky her, right??

Butterflies are sweet.
The really dark flowers and Addie's name is a rich purple;
it is NOT black! 

Stinking CUTE!!!!! 

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  1. Oh Allie! These are soooo wonderful. And here I was all proud of my yarn spring wreath I made (Steve thinks it's too 'girlie' for the front door). Now you make me want to do another project. Acccckkk!!!!

    Don't overdo it, girl! I mean it!