Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten and My Sister

Ten -- 10 fingers, 10 toes, 10 minutes, 10 dollars .. so many things the number 10 can do -- and it can begin the countdown to FLORIDA -- 10 days!!!!! I am so excited about this trip --- one great thing is my sister will be coming up to take care of Dad, so I won't worry about him .. although I will miss seeing my sister -- we always have movie marathon's and nice chats -- I like her. This is Shel -- holding Niko in our backyard before the pool. She is great with babies -- another advantage of hers!
And you may find that a bit weird, that I say that, but there was a time I didn't - like her that is. We are only 11 months apart and as children in a competitive family, we topped the charts. I think as a rule you learn to not like your competition and man, she was good at EVERYTHING athletic, so I didn't like her. And as I have said in the past, she can make Mom's potato salad and I can't. She has a memory like a steel trap, when she decides to use it against me. And hotbox in the street with my Dad running between us and then switching off .... she got all her speed from "Speedy Hrovatic" himself and although I could throw just as accurately as her, I could never, ever our run her or my Dad. I remember the anger, but mostly I remember the laughter. And even in our maturing years, we are still competitive, we have just gone from the real world of fields and streets and backyards to Wii and Yahtzee. Less dangerous, unless you are my sister -- she pulled a butt muscle last time we played! teeheeeee Advantage me -- it's my game!

Ah, but back to 10 --- 10 days and we are Florida bound ---

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