Wednesday, March 30, 2011

baby baby, big baby

I know, I know.  Shame on me.  I truly meant to play in my studio today.  I did.  I DID!  I tell you

I DID!!!

I got so distracted.  I wanted to make you something cool to oooh and aahhh on.  I took a nap after I woke up this morning.  I was up 30 minutes and said, Hmmph, I need a nap.  But, first I called the surgeon's office.  I had to leave a message.  I then snuggled back into bed and went fast asleep and then was RUDELY awakened by the phone. 

Can you believe it?  Someone calling at 11:00AM????!!!

It was the surgeon's office, so I accepted the call and quickly switched into my happy, but hurting voice.  She asked when would be a good time to schedule surgery.  I said, well the nice, pregnant, young woman told me 4-6 weeks unless there was a cancellation and I sooooo can't wait 4-6 weeks.  It HUUUURRRRTTTTTTS!  She said, how is Monday, I have a cancellation.


Did I mention we were suppose to be on vacation this week?  Yup, Virginia and then Baltimore to see our oldest daughter and her husband.  They are expecting our first grandbaby next month.  I had half the car packed with stuff she NEEDS for the nursery. 

BUT, Vandy had to cancel our trip do to a HUGE briefing that got set back a week.  And this GIANTLY HUGE briefing is now rescheduled for THIS MONDAY .....

THE DAY OF MY SURGERY ..... I'll find a ride.  He can do his briefing, Addie will take me and bring me home and then the entire community can pamper me for 4 weeks because I am a BIG baby!

I am a BIG baby and this is going to hurt!!!!

Side note here:  My dear cousin from Salem was on the ski trip to Boyne with us last month in a sling because he had the surgery 4 weeks prior.  Yes, the exact same surgery.  He feel on ice, just walking, just slipped.  And I SAID Larry, don't jinx any of us.  DAG NAB IT!!!  Jenny, he is your 1st cousin, I think you should get even for me!  lol  Larry is sending me some electric ice machine, so I forgive him for jinxing me! 

So, I was distracted today.  Nothing cool to share with you.  I am sorry.

The Big Baby
aka Allie

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