Thursday, March 31, 2011

A bucket here, a bucket there

Remember the post a few days ago when I featured the Easter basket I made for Addie?  Well,  by popular demand, I have been asked to make some "dog" water buckets and some more Easter baskets.  Can I just say, I am addicted to my Cricut and all this pretty vinyl!!!!  I have to say the $8 pink metal bucket from Ikea is much more time consuming that the white Lowe's $3 something buckets!  And it doesn't matter if I use the outdoor or regular vinyl, the metal finish is a pain to work with, BUT I love the Lowe's buckets!!!!!

So here they are .....

Skippy is my dear friends daughter's dog.  She is going to use these for water bowls.
Give a dog a bone!!

And one for her other dog Breaux ... teeheee
An Easter Bucket for my niece Riley!!

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