Friday, April 1, 2011

Thinking is a dangerous thing to do!

Good evening!

I have been thinking a lot today while I was making FIVE more Easter buckets.  I only have two full days left to get a butt load of things done.  I mean A LOT! 

How does a crafter survive 6 weeks in a sling?  No usage of my left arm.  I can't cook, I can't wash dishes (poor, poor me), I can't sew, I can't scrapbook, I can't garden, I can't BATHE or wash my hair. 

I sound pitiful. 

I can type with one hand though!!!

I am going to stop thinking. 

Too dangerous!

P.S.  Everyone needs to look up this word, it has been used twice today .. gravitas.  Egads!!!  See, more thinking! 

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